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Products available are:

Under Eye Gel

A clear gel formula to nourish and maintain the delicate area of the eye and remove puffiness, dark patches, and erases lines around the eyes apart from soothing them and relaxing them.

  |     Weight: 30 Grams

Anti-Wrinkle Cream

This formula is unique combination of herbal remedy using science of Ayurveda. It penetrates the epidermis of the skin and provide hydration to the skin.

  |     Weight: 30 Grams

Fairness Cream / Whitening cream

An effective formula, made with best skin care and fairness ingredients that has been used in Ayurveda since ages.

  |     Weight: 30 Grams

Anti Acne Pimple Gel

A clear gel to combat acne and pimples. It is an effective herbal defense against acne and treats blemishes also.

  |     Weight: 30g.

Sun Block SPF - 35

An unique sun block and moisturizing lotion with SPF 35 that screens out harmful UV rays and seals in moisture.

  |     Weight: 150 ml