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Products available are:

Body Lotion

A moiture rich luxurious lotion for daily nourishment to the skin. Its long lasting softness protects the skin, helps soften and nourish very dry & dehydrated skin and keeps them smooth & supple all day long.

  |     Weight: 100ml.

Body Scrub

An exoitic scrub enriched with shea Butter that nourishes & moisturises the skin while walnut kernel & orange peel powder polishes the skin, removing dead cells and other impurities. Leaves the skin soft, smooth and refreshed.

  |     Weight: 500 Grams

Body Packs

Warming Body Pack & Cooling Body Pack for the skin to be used according to body types, climatic conditions and treatment ....

  |     Weight: 200 Grams

SHEA Butter Hand & Feet Lotion

A rich hydrating lotion to keep hands and feet soft, supple and beautiful.

  |     Weight: 200ml.