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Vedaway introduces a new range of innovative
  products for skin care,

Is Vedaway Skin Care natural?


Yes. Vedaway products are formulated based on ancient science of Ayurveda. Nature has given us everything. Herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruits, roots, essential oils and other medicinal plant extracts and bio-nutrients that have stood the test of time and have been proven effective health & beauty care , treatments  through centuries of use.


How good is a natural product?

A good natural product with right natural ingredients and its properties intact, strengthen the skin's own healing function and are beneficial in long term without any side effects.


Why so many natural products in the market do not work?

Today the market is flooded with so many so called "natural" or "herbal" products, that are essentially chemical based. In fact, herbs that are chemically extracted under high pressure and high temperature are technically killed. Thus, loose all its natural quality and goodness. As a result, all these so called "natural" products hardlymake any difference to the skin.


Why we must try Vedaway?

We at Vedaway uses natural raw material. And, emphasize on proper combination to give maximum benefits and water soluble formulation to enable our skin to breath. Besides, our high quality plant extracts, essential oils and herbs and other botanical preparations ensures efficacy of the products and host of benefits.


We also work hard to reduce to most minimal usage, if not possibly totally avoid artificial colors, fragrances, additives or
preservatives. And, we firmly believe that personal care products should not betested on animals as it is unethical. Besides, we do not use any animal products, harmful chemicals or salts, mineral oils or parabens.


Why Vedaway do not use animal ingredients?

Products with animal ingredients such as lanolin, collagen, elastin, non-herbal liposomes and “fresh cells” are chemically refined abattoir waste products and require a large amount of preservatives to avoid rotting away. They do not penetrate the skin easily, and if it does, disturbs the pH balance of the skin.


How does Vedaway maintain the shelf life for most of its products?

Most of our products’ natural ingredients are combined in a way to create natural preservatives. Alternative vegetable origin
preservatives in combination with essential oils give the shelf life without disturbing the chemistry of the product.


Is Vedaway Skin Care safe?

Yes. Our cosmetics are bio-degradable and manufactured with harmless, non-animal derived comedogenic free ingredient. They do not contain mineral oil. The raw materials are usually obtained from renewable vegetable sources. Our formulae comply with the highest standards and are in conformity with international cosmetic regulations.


Why is mineral oil harmful to our skin?

They do not get absorbed by the skin easily, also if it does, it may disturb the pH balance of the skin and is harmful in long run.


Is Vedayway Skin Care suitable for all skin types?

Yes. as they are water soluble products, they are suitable to all skin types.


Who should use this set of products? (Face wash, Orange scrub,
Vegetable mask, Pigmentation cream, Sunblock )

It is highly recommended for a complete facial for  those with pigmentation or freckles and for anyone who wants to prevent


Is it good for those without pigmentation?

Yes. This set of products not only lightens pigmentation or freckles. It is a must for earlier prevention of these problems too. Especially people who are prone to hyper pigmentation or sun induced allergies causing pigmentation.


Is Vedaway Skin Care suitable for man?

Yes. Facial skin of man is thicker and since Vedaway products arewater soluble, water base products penetrates such skin faster and yields results more effectively.


Can this set of Vedayway Skin Care brighten up our overall face

(Face wash, Orange scrub, fairness cream, fairn skin mask, sunblock ).Yes.


Does it have firming effect?

Yes. But skin lift system is designed exclusively for this purpose.


Can this set minimize our skin pores?

Yes. add toner to the above set and large open pores problem will be solved.


Why some of Vedayway’s products do not have appealing fragrance?

Most importantly, we do not use synthetic fragrance that are chemically produced to mask some strong vegetation smell of few herbs that add medicinal and therapeutic values to the product. And, we at Vedayway produce a rare and unique blend of pure aromatic oils and bio-extracts to ensure the best healing effects.

You might feel uneasy with certain natural aromatic fragrance at first. However, it is our pleasure to inform you that you will
eventually welcome it as it will slowly send the messages to our brain and affect our emotions or likings.  This perfectly explains how aromatherapy affects our human brain and successfully treats the system with problems in a very natural way.


Why Vedaway emphasizes on Aromatic formulation?

Aromatherapy is the art of healing which effects both mind and body. Research has shown that natural aromatic formulation has the power to alter once states of mind. And, when our mind is in a peaceful state,it leads to a good health & beauty.


How does the treatment system  combination work?

Our full set of products has various natural healing properties that moisturize, firm, smooth and brighten up your face complexion as a whole.


Step 1: Face Wash (Daily)
• Stimulating, softening and cooling.
• Clear spots and blemishes.


Step 2: Sunscreen Lotion (Daily)
• Screens out UVA and UVB rays that leads to hyper pigmentation and premature ageing.
• Seals in moisture.
• With anti-oxidant protection.
• Use in the day.


Step 3: Pigmentation Cream (Daily)
• Removes hyper pigmentation, dark patches, freckles and other blemishes Brightening, Softening, Smoothing and firming
• Use at night.


Step 4: Under Eye Gel (Daily)
• Soothing
• Lifting
• Lightens dark circles
• Diminishes puffiness and wrinkles


Step 5: Fair Skin Mask
• Only need 10 minutes or let in dry completely
• Get rid of the darkening effects of pollutions, and the darkening effects UVA and UVB rays.
• Deep cleanse
• Immediate whitening
• Promotes healthy glow


Why must we use full set?

Every step is crucial as our rare formulation is a system as a whole.Thus, we at Vedaway encourage our customers to use this full set for better and faster result.

For example, if you use our natural formulations with other productsthat contain synthetic fragrances which might harm or darken your skin, you might get a darker effect compared to the original fairer result.


Why must we avoid exposure to the sun immediately after applying most Vedaway products?

Vedaway cream and lotions contains higher amount of aromatic essential oils, which are sensitive to sun light and may cause temporary darkening effect on the skin.


How long does it take to be safe for me to go under the sun after applying the products?

20 minutes, or till the oils get absorbed by the skin effectively. Use sunblock always before going  out in Sun.


Can I apply Vedaway products together with my existing products from other brands?

You can , but make sure other brand products are natural and with vegetable origin base ingredients.


Do I have to use in long term basis?

The products for treatments can be discontinued in long term gradually, but for general maintenance of the skin and hair , it is recommended to continue the use. You can reduce the frequency as per recommendation from your beautician or dermatologist.


Will it cause any side effect or healing crisis?

No. These products aid skin's own natural healing system, strengthens it, protects the skin naturally.