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About Us


Vedaway introduces a new range of innovative
  products for skin care,


About Us


Vedaway introduces 100% natural and safe products based on ancient science of Ayurveda and state of the art technology.

Today the market is flooded with a variety of products and is very confusing. Vedaway is a tribute to the beauty culture which is simple and related to age old tradition. Vedaway conveys purity, gentleness and radiant good health.


These formulas have ingredients which penetrates into the skin deeper and gently, thus pampering it the most natural way.

Vedaway is a joint venture between Kakuly Chandra & Vimla Kishin who is a renowned beautician based in Hyderabad. Equipped with 25 years of experience in beauty business and advanced knowledge of Ayurveda and Aroma therapy, she has become an icon of beauty culture. She believes "God has made everyone beautiful, we just, with the help of simple correct techniques, a little care, using most effective and natural formulas can help you enhance your beauty and stay that way naturally".